Instant Fake Snow

What is instant artificial snow or instant imitation snow?

Instant snow is a fine polymer powder that expands over 100 times its original size almost instantly when water is added. Simply mix with water and watch the powder grow into mounds of soft, white artificial snow. It’s like a science experiment right before your eyes! Instant artificial snow is a realistic imitation snow that does not melt in room temperature like real snow.

Packaging size: 100g, 500g, 1kg. Please send us your order details via the Contact Us page or call /message 0402186448 or email

How to make instant snow?

Just add water and watch the powder INSTANTLY expand into fluffy imitation snow. 100 grams of instant snow powder can make over 4-6 litres of instant snow. 1kg of instant snow powder can make over 40-60 litres of instant snow.

What are the uses of Instant Artificial Snow?

  • Instant snow can be used for a fun science lesson while being a tool to develop children’s fine motor skills and dexterity in their hands.
  • Instant snow is great for use at a children’s party and is beautiful on a table or countertop, or filled in a decorative vase.
  • It is used in movies and very popular in photo shoots.
  • To create a white Christmas.
  • White snow theme weddings, parties or any events.
  • Instant artificial snow allows you to experience some joy of snow all year round. You can create your own artificial snow anytime and anywhere you like. You don’t have to go to snow mountains to have snow fun, you can do it right in your backyard or inside your house.

What are the characteristics of instant artificial snow?

  • Can be used on almost any surface.
  • A good snow imitation.
  • A small volume of dry powder creates large volume of imitation snow.
  • Unlike paper snow, our instant snow won’t blow away or melt in room temperature.

Instant artificial snow is intended for indoor use but can be used outdoors if it does not get too much sun as it may become dehydrated quickly. In a covered outdoor location it does great as it loves the humidity in the air. Of course, rain will oversaturate it.

When not in use, store in a container and cover up with a lid to keep the snow from dust. Instant snow can be used for many months but eventually dust in the air and minerals in the water will prevent reuse.