Orbeez – Decorative Water Crystals

Orbeez or water crystal beads, also known as water gel or crystal soil or jelly ball, is an odourless super water absorbent polymer.

The polymer acts as a reservoir of water and the crystals hold more than 100 times their dry volume in water which can be a long lasting water source for plants. A single 5 grams packet of water crystals expands to fill over 850ml.

Packaging size: 5g (From $1.99ea, large volume discount is available), $13.99/50g, $20/100g, $50/450g, $80/kg, volume discount doesn’t apply for clear color. Postage extra. Pick up is available. Please send us your order details via the Contact Us page or call /message 0402186448 or email DecorativeWaterCrystals@gmail.com.

Orbeez Decorative Ideas

Our Decorative Water Crystals are versatile, light weight in dry form and are a great alternative to heavy marbles, pebbles or glass stones used in vases and other decorative items. Whether you call them Decorative Water Crystal Beads, Crystal Soil, Water Pearls, Polymer Crystals, Decor Beads, Polymer Gel Balls, Water Beads or Jelly Balls, our Decorative Water Crystals are simply magic and fabulous and can instantly enhance the decorating effects in any table centrepieces, vase of flowers, candle crafting etc. The following are some decoration suggestions for the water crystal beads:

Table decoration – Exciting new age look table decorations for any occasions such as weddings, Christmas & New Year, birthday parties, graduation & baby shower celebrations, fund raising functions.

Cut fresh and silk flower – Compliment cut flower or silk flower arrangements, creating amazing effects.

Floating candles – Crystal soil water gel beads is non-flammable – safe near candles. Create dramatic candles centerpiece settings.

Air Freshener – Add about 2-3 ml of Essential Oil into bowl with Crystal Soil water gel beads.

Art Deco arrangements – incorporate lighting (water submersible LED tea lights) to make stunning art pieces.

Great gift idea – you will be giving someone an unlimited sky to imagine and create their own very unique designs.

Home decoration – in living area, dining area, bathroom, study, kitchen, bedroom.

Retail shop display– add some eye-catching decor to attract customers to your shop.

Office and reception – add some charms to normally quiet & boring area.

Soil Substitute – A perfect soil substitute indoor plants.

If you prefer soil for indoor plants, to keep your plant moist, add a layer of the water crystals on top of the soil, as the water crystals slowly release water, your plants will survive twice as longer, so no worries when you are on holidays.

Our colourful decorative water crystal beads are perfect and extremely popular for weddings and functions decorations, incorporate them with our water submersible LED tea lights to make stunning are pieces. See our LED pages for inspirations. They will transform any room and brighten up your events, family home in an amazingly cost effective way.

The water crystal soil beads come in 11 colours, three sizes. There are three shapes (round beads, cubes and granules) available. You can use a single colour or mix colours or even mix beads with granules to create vibrant effects.

The Quality of Our Products

We have done the hard work and searched the top quality water crystals for you, the colours of our Decorative Water Crystal beads do not run. You can rehydrate them again and again, you can wash them again and again, the colour won’t dilute, and they can last up to 24 months or more.